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HospitalsChances of keeping NHS patients free of any infection risk is zero says public health expertBut Scotland’s former chief medical officer Sir Harry Burns says our hospitals actually have some of the lowest infection rates in the world.DementiaRiver City stars in dementia drive with new film about harrowing diseaseBarbara Rafferty and Stephen Purdon have both experienced the stress of the illness but are now teaming up with the director of a new info movie.ChildrenScots mum hails ‘miracle’ 4.50 cream that cured son’s painful eczema in four daysLittle Ashton McPhee, 5, suffered for over a year with painful, itchy patches of dry skin on his face and upper body.Scottish ParliamentScotland needs an urgent change to the organ donor system to ease the suffering of patientsAll but one MSP voted for the new Human Tissue Bill this week at the Scottish Parliament.CancerTragic Scots cancer toddler ‘fobbed off’ by six doctors who thought she only had 온라인카지노 infectionLittle Megan Clarkson from Kirkcaldy died from lung cancer after six doctors failed to detect it.Mobile phonesBehaviour of Vodafone chief Antonio Shabbir over Glasgow job cuts is beyond paleOn Wednesday, he posed wearing a See You Jimmy hat and holding a can of Irn Bru to tell Scottish staff he had “some exciting news” for them.Queen Elizabeth University HospitalScandal hit Glasgow hospital spends 60,000 on bottled water after infection scareNHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spent 58,691 on mineral water for patients at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where patients developed bacterial infections linked to tap water.SmokingMore kids trying vaping ‘because they think it’s cool’ as number doubles in four yearsOverall use of e cigarettes among young people remains low but more are trying them for the first time.AlcoholPoor Scots hit hardest by booze damage sparking calls for minimum price hikeScots in deprived areas are 13 times more likely to need psychiatric care because of alcohol than the rich, according to shock new figures.Stem cellsOverwhelmed mum thanks three ‘life saver’ stem cell donors as young daughter battles rare cancerLittle Chloe Purvis’ has a ‘second chance at life’ and grateful mum Sarah is encouraging others to register as donors.CancerDesperate mum took sick daughter to the doctors FIVE times before cancer diagnosisWorried mum Sharon Mcalister knew something was wrong with daughter Kaiann in early December last year.SlimmingScots warned to stay away from deadly ‘fat burning’ diet pills that have killed 26 peopleFive percent of people said they would still take DNP, illegally marketed as a “fat burning” food supplement and sold online as tablets or capsules, even knowing that they it kill them.HospitalsMum shocked after eye test for migraines uncovers ‘grapefruit sized’ brain tumourMelly Buckley’s tumour took over a third of her head and would have killed her within a week.NHS ScotlandInfection linked to death of two babies at Glasgow hospital was ‘extremely rare strain’NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde confirmed the infection was the first time it had been identified in Scotland.HospitalsMum had brain tumour ‘like an octopus’ for 37 years without knowingLorna Pritchard had to learn how to walk and talk again after complications from an op to reduce the tumour.NHS ScotlandParents anguish as premature baby contracts hospital infection linked to infant deathsLittle Charlotte Alexander has a rare strain of staphylococcus aureus that has already claimed the lives of two babies.Royal Alexandra HospitalPaisley hospital health inspection finds breast milk stored at unsafe temperatures and pillows kept in shower roomThe Improvement Scotland inspection was carried out at the end of 2018 between December 4 to 6.Universities and CollegesNew sepsis test developed at Scottish university could save thousands of livesThe new test, which is being developed by researchers at Strathclyde University, can give results in just three minutes and experts hope it will be available on the NHS within three to five years.
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